Your privacy while playing Beeing Newton! is our primary concern. The following terms outline how Conka Games Ltd. work to ensure that your privacy is protected. This is version one (v1.0) of the policy, and it is subject to change at any time.

Your information

By playing Beeing Newton! you may share with us limited amounts of information, such as when we post to a social media service on your behalf.

For all such actions, the application makes use of the iOS in-built account access facilities and must receive your explicit consent to post. In addition, the application does not have direct access to your account information and no information received during the processing of your transactions is retained.

Similarly, the purchase of items via the in-app-purchase facilities is handled entirely by iOS and at no point is Beeing Newton! able to access your payment information.

Data collection

We are constantly working to improve Beeing Newton! and one of the ways to help direct our efforts is the collection of app usage data. When you play Beeing Newton! you generate a small amount of information which we then collect for analysis.

An example of the type of information we collect is the different screens accessed of the number of tries at each gameplay level. All information that we collect is anonymous and none of it can be linked to you as an individual.

However, we appreciate that not everyone is happy to provide this information, so we have provided a method of opting out. You can continue to play Beeing Newton! without any background data collection by switching off data collection in your iOS device's settings.

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